ISBC2016, 19th International Symposium on Bioluminescence & Chemiluminescence, Tsukuba, JAPAN, May 29 ~ June 2, 2016.


July 7, 2016
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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to ISBC 2016!

It is a great honor for me to organize the ISBC 2016 meeting in Tsukuba, Japan.

The ISBC conferences have been unique in their own flavors with wide coverage of topics – from basic to applied sciences as well as crosstalk among physics, biology and chemistry. Aligning with our mission to promote bioluminescence and chemiluminescence research at both basic and applied levels, in the forthcoming conference, we plan to host a wide range of themes and conduct not only the regular specialized presentation sessions but also student interactive sessions to attract and train new generation of researchers.

This conference will be held inTsukuba City, a hub for scientific research in Japan hosting many national and private research institutes and companies. Located near and well connected to Tokyo, Tsukuba is one of the best places for visiting participants to both enjoy conference and experience Tokyo. This small city has many museums and parks and a popular hiking track to Mount Tsukuba, making it a great place to relax as well. Appropriately adding flavor to the meeting, the timing of the conference (May/June) offers us a chance to enjoy watching fireflies. During this conference, members of the local committee plan to organize interesting programs including several tutorials and excursions.

I hope to make ISBC 2016 enjoyable for all members and attendees.

Sincerely yours,

Yoshihiro Ohmiya