ISBC2016, 19th International Symposium on Bioluminescence & Chemiluminescence, Tsukuba, JAPAN, May 29 ~ June 2, 2016.

Social Events


Date and Time: June 2 (Thursday), 19:00 ~
Venue: Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba, 3rd floor, Room Jupiter
Fee: 5,000JPY

Award ceremony including Marleen DeLuca Award is planned during the banquet dinner. The banquet venue, Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba, is located nearby Tsukuba Station where it takes about ten minutes on foot from the conference venue. No shuttle bus service is available. This banquet is not included in the registration fee. Please do not forget to bring your name badge holder and ticket, which are needed to enter the banquet hall. An extra banquet ticket is needed for your spouse or a guest. There remains some tickets, which can be purchased at the registration desk of the conference venue (not at the banquet venue).


ISBC2016 will support two half-day bus tours in the afternoon on June 1 (Wednesday).

1. Science city Tsukuba tour (Canceled due to small number of requests)
2. Tokyo mini tour (Kasai Aquarium Epson aqua park Shinagawa and free tour at Asakusa)

Maximum number for the tour will be 90 people. The participants will be fixed by “first come, first served” basis. We strongly recommend to make a reservation well in advance. If we have seats remaining, we may accept your requests at the venue.

Excursion schedule will be the followings;
12:00 (noon), the session A-4 and B-4 will finish.
12:30, bus to aqua park Shinagawa will depart from just in front of the venue (free lunch box for each participant available).
Around 14:00, arrival at Epson aqua park Shinagawa and free tour inside the building including special exhibition of luminous animals at the seminar room.
Around 15:00 and 15:30, short backyard tour (up to 40 people. Members will be fixed by “first come, first served” basis)
16:00, dolphin performance at “The stadium” on the upper floor of the aqua park Shinagawa.
16:30, bus to Asakusa will depart.
17:00, arrival at Asakusa. Free tour at Asakusa. We will give you return ticket to Tsukuba by Tsukuba Express line, so you can enjoy Edo atmosphere until night. NO BUS service to Tsukuba is included in this tour.

More details will be announced at the venue and inside the bus to Tokyo. Floor guide including meeting point at Epson aqua park Shinagawa and map around Asakusa are available inside the bus.

Please select your favorite on your registration.

Accompanying Persons Events

Accompanying Persons Events

We offer Japanese cultural experience for the accompanying persons. You can enjoy Japanese paper craft “origami” and Japanese tea ceremony “sadou” in June 30 and 31, respectively. Please contact to the registration desk about the details.